AM - Construction Management

Job title: AM - Construction Management
Location: New Delhi
Salary: ₹800,000 - ₹1,200,000
Reference: PR/101374
Contact details: Subhashree Ghoshal
Contact email:
Job published: January 12, 2022 19:05
To Execute all project work at site / vendors workshop as per project specifications and timeline.
To Discuss, Co-ordinate & Expedite day to day issues with Client, Consultants/Contractors etc.
Minimum Educational Qualification: Mechanical Engineer (BE/ Diploma)
Knowledge Required:
(1) Site management
(2) Interpretation of Engineering Drawings, Contracts (Technical), etc.
(3) Manufacturing, Transportation, Erection, Testing, Start up &
Commissioning of Mechanical equipment, Structural and Piping.
(4) Conversant with IS codes & standards.
(5) System/Design Knowledge for CDQ, BF, Convertor, De-
Sulphurization (preferable).
Skills / Competencies:
(1) Planning, Scheduling, Monitoring of project activities and
Highlighting critical aspects and risks.
(2) Communication (Discuss, Negotiate, Coordinate) for the Contractor
/ Vendor management as well as the Project Expeditation with the
(3) Knowledge of Project Management software (preferable).
Relevant Experience (Functions, roles, duration):
B.E. / B.Tech. ( Mechanical) - with 6+ yrs or Diploma (Mechanical) -
with 8+ yrs experience.
Hiring Pool (industries, specific organizations from
where targeted):

Mechanical Engineer from Iron & Steel Industry.
Principal Accountabilities:
Zero planning gaps:
1) Construction procedure
2) Quality - erection as per our quality requirement
3) Schedule
Control Project Status, Schedule, cost control:
1) Project Progress and Status Monitoring coordinating
with concerned parties and inter-departments.
2) Support to Prepare project MIS (cost, schedule, risk etc) and
Organizing the review
Describe a typical day/ week in this role:
(1) Site management at Project Sites & Supervision work (Base role)
(2) Traveling to client office, vendor office, manufacturing place for discussion, and physical progress monitoring and inspection