Deputy Manager-Admini/HR

Job title: Deputy Manager-Admini/HR
Location: Bāwal
Salary: ₹550,000 - ₹660,000
Reference: PR/101287
Contact details: Subhashree Ghoshal
Contact email:
Job published: November 10, 2021 16:31
  1. Responsible for management and tracking of employee’s uniforms
  2. Responsible for management and operation of canteen including routine maintenance
  3. Responsible for employee's bus transport and taxi management
  4. Responsible for complete plant housekeeping management
  5. Responsible for operation and management of Security Services
  6. Responsible for operation and management of building maintenance
  7. Responsible for operation and management of employee's car, their fuel maintenance and drivers
  8. Responsible for operation and maintenance of Crèche
  9. Responsible for travel desk coordination (flight, train and taxis)
  10. Responsible  for operation and maintenance of Occupational Health Center and to attend other medical emergencies.
  11. Responsible for employee’s Health Check-Up
  12. Responsible for employee's Health Insurance and claims
  13. Responsible  for employee's Personal Accident Insurance
  14. Responsible for holding welfare committee meeting (Canteen, Bus and uniform) and circulation of MOMs
  15. Responsible for drafting and implementation of SOPs for good management of administration function.
  16. Responsible for shop discipline and management of other welfare facilities