Software Engineer

Job title: Software Engineer
Location: Hyderabad
Salary: ₹1,400,000 - ₹1,800,000
Reference: PR/101376
Contact details: Subhashree Ghoshal
Contact email:
Job published: January 12, 2022 19:21
Searching for a skilled programmer experienced with a variety of programming languages, platforms, and development methodologies to join the global software engineering team. The Software Engineer will be involved in development of new and existing products in internal projects and act as the contact person and integrator for projects executed at external partners primarily in India. The position is located at the Hyderabad office but can partly be done remotely from home office.

▪ Develop, deliver, and maintain the highest quality software.
▪ Be an agile developer, honoring collaboration, prioritization, team accountability and transparency.
▪ Discover and evangelize new and emerging technologies.
▪ Lead internal and external pre-studies and projects.
▪ Contribute to improvements and efficiencies in the technical development process.
▪ Responsible for own personal safety, the safety of the team and those around you.
▪ Work in accordance with and enforce compliance with company policies (ex: Safety, Code of Conduct, Commercial Policy, Security Policy and Export Compliance) to maintain company's reputation and image.

▪ Personal profile
• Self-motivated, creative & efficient in proposing solutions to complex, time-critical problems
• Used to working both individually and as part of a team
• Curiosity to understand and use new tools and technologies
• Good social skills
• Good communicator, also in English
• Ability to manage contacts with sub-contractors
Languages and frameworks
• Object oriented languages such as Java or C#
• Microsoft .NET technologies / .NET Framework and .NET Core
• DevOps experience of build and test automation
• Deep experience in design patterns such as MVVM, MVP or MVC

• Deep Javascript framework experience such as Angular or React
• Knowledge and experience in web service design and implementation
• Mobile development including native, hybrid and web is helpful
• Blazor framework

Additional Desired Knowledge:
• Database technologies, relational (MS SQL, MySQL) and timeseries (Timescale, influxDB)
• Industrial protocols such as OpcUA, Modbus TCP, IO-Link etc
• Experience in .NET application, Docker containerization (Linux)
• Basic Docker container orchestration
• Good TCP/IP knowledge, including troubleshooting, routing, DNS and IPv6