Customer Support

役職名: Customer Support
給与: ₹400,000 - ₹600,000
求人番号: PR/101203
担当者: Varun Sarpal
求人情報掲載日: 2021/09/06 16:33



Reports to

Senior CS member/Sales PIC/(Sales Manager)


Functional Relationships     

-          Mission is to correspond to the customer inquiry(delivery, RFQ etc). Account Receivable collection support, stock management, shipping process handling.

-          By communicating/sharing information with sales members

-          Managing quantitative data (forecast checking, stock level monitoring) to with information provided by the customer and China team.

-          Collaborating with several overseas factory, China Key Account Management team. Candidate is required to share information properly.

Position Profile

-          Based in Bangalore, India.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

-         Candidate should be able to collect basic information (customer organization/role, demand info,  project schedule etc.) from customers and internal organizations/persons.

-          By listening to needs of customers and understanding it, to optimize the current service and operation in order to reduce error and workload.

-          Candidate need to understand customer production plan/demand and correctly update it to system.

-          Candidate need to recognize internal SCM(from factory to the customer place)



-          Educational Back ground – Any Under / Post Graduate/ Engineering

-          Preferable 3 years relevant experience in either one of MNC/electronics manufacturers/Electronic Distributor

-          Good analytical, report making, task management skills.

-          Listening skill to acknowledge/understand opponent speaking

-          Effective Communication (Brief & conclusion)

-          Microsoft Office skills: Excel (Pivot, Formula etc.) and PowerPoint.

-          Team player with positive attitude and self-motivated.

-     Good attitude must be required like honest, balanced between humble/confident, proactive, curiosity, sense of advancement.

-          Microsoft(Esp Excel), Communication Skill, Figure / Mathematical management, Logical Thinking, Fact(Data) based thinking

-          Process improvement (involve Issue finding/Analyze/Negotiation)


Desirable ability

-          To study market information/trend which our clients are focusing on in order to make suitable proposals.

-          To have capability to review/analyze result/facts in order to make better idea to take actions.